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On request we can create and adapt documentation to support our engineering products and operations such as design documentation, maintenance manuals and flight crew operating manuals.

North Star Tech

What we do


NST offers consultant services within the aerospace sector to Swedish and international aerospace industries. We focus on the development of aerostructures and mechanical engineering. Our key competence is to offer quick and flexible product development within the RPAS/RPV and light aircraft area to guide you through your entire project. From idea to production.




Spec. Assesment


An overambitious requirement specification can easily turn your project into a non sellable product. We can help you understand how requirements affect performance, time and cost.



We utilize the latest 3D CAD and analysis tools to create our products. This allows us to efficiently interact with our production partners.



We utilize most modern composite techniques ranging from simple wet layup through vacuum infusion to autoclave curing depending on requirements.



A modern aircraft contains complex wiring systems. We have the capability to design and produce wiring looms, complete with connectors, to military specifications.

Flight Testing


Within a one hour drive from our location we have several suitable flight test areas for various types of aircraft depending on their performance and size. Our UAV pilots are world class.

Basic Analysis


We can help you to turn your ideas into preliminary dimension, performance, time and cost data.



Plugs, tools and components are produced in computer controlled machines which turn out high accuracy products.

Operating Systems


Design, development and production of engine, hydraulic, pneumatic, fuel system, landing gear, flight control and payload installations.

Structural Testing


Do you need to prove your design for certification or for yourself? We can help you with a controlled proof test or destructive test including post damage analysis.